MRL recognises the importance of developing and administering robust environmental management systems that ensure legislative compliance at all project sites, along with managing broader impacts on the environment through careful planning and design.

MRL strives to continually improve its environmental performance through research and development, innovation and adaptive management. To measure its environmental performance, MRL engages its key stakeholders from government, the community and other specific interest organisations to encourage open and honest feedback.

In the Yilgarn region, MRL operates the J4 mine in the Jackson Range and has plans for additional mines at J5 and Bungalbin East in the Helena-Aurora Range. These banded iron formation ranges are recognised for their biodiversity and mining within these ranges needs to be done in balance with conservation. It should be noted that current and proposed mine developments occupy a very small fraction of the total extent of the ranges.

MRL has partnered with Curtin University to undertake biodiversity research to predict the distribution of conservation significant flora and vegetation across banded iron formation ranges. The research combines data from MRL’s extensive botanical surveys of the Finnerty, Jackson, and Helena-Aurora Ranges in the Yilgarn with high resolution environmental data such as topography, aspect, altitude, soil and climate. This predictive approach to understanding biodiversity contributes not only to the design of more efficient field surveys but also provides MRL with a better understanding of the environmental requirements of different plant species with respect to rehabilitation following mine closure.

MRL has completed extensive ecological studies of the ranges over an unprecedented four seasons; spring and autumn 2013 and 2014. This work has been peer reviewed by Curtin University and exceeds the exacting standards set by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. These projects were referred to the EPA during the year.

MRL remains committed to working with Commonwealth and Western Australian government agencies, as well as other stakeholders, to ensure that its planned activities are undertaken in an environmentally responsible manner.



Mineral Resources Wins Prestigious Environmental Award

Mineral Resources is the winner of the prestigious 2015 AMEC Environment Award for its research on biodiversity modelling of Banded Ironstone Formations in the Yilgarn region, which was undertaken in partnership with Curtin University.