PMI - Capability


Supply Chain Management

PMI operates and manages all stages of supply chain including:

  • Above Rail
  • Road haulage
  • Trans shipping and Port management
  • Remote site management

PMI, on behalf of the Mineral Resources Limited launched its Yilgarn rail fleet to replace the traditional third party rail operator model. The purpose built rolling stock are loaded and unloaded on the fly, enabling a drastic reduction in train turnaround times. The fleet has reduced rail costs by over 60% and continues to drive increased efficiencies, enabling PMI to deliver greater tonnes to port than ever before. Working with key partners, PMI has developed solutions for rolling stock design and manufacture, delivery and commissioning, rail operations, and rolling stock maintenance.

PMI also currently operates the largest “on-road” road train haulage fleet in WA and utilises the latest technology and industry leading innovations to ensure safety and efficiency, including live satellite tracking to monitor speed and fatigue, on-board cameras, professional driver inductions, and haulage assistance vehicles.

Remote Site Services

PMI Site Services was originally established for the provision of camp accommodation, management and facilities for the MRL’s operations. Today it has expanded into the external market, constructing accommodation projects for blue chip clients. PMI Site Services provides a full range of services to build, operate and manage camp accommodation sites including:

  • Catering – PMI employs highly experienced chefs that offer restaurant quality meals on every occasion, resulting in a happy, healthy and productive team
  • Accommodation and village management – with a centralised accommodation office using leading industry software, PMI is able to be more efficient and effective in room allocations whilst taking into consideration roster requirements
  • Cleaning and laundry services – PMI provides excellent cleaning services using the best industrial products, tools and highly trained personnel
  • SPQ and village cleaning – PMI strives to exceed guest expectations for hygiene, comfort and presentation
  • Recreation and entertainment – PMI can construct state of the art gym facilities, wet mess and retail facilities for residents to socialise, interact and relax, tailored to the requirements of the client
  • Facilities management – PMI offers tailored packages for plumbing, electrical, pest control and carpentry facilities
  • Water management – PMI can provide water testing to provide complete peace of mind
  • Complete aerodrome management
  • Bus service management – PMI can provide a safe and reliable bus service for village guests