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Major projects recently completed include Nammuldi dewatering project, Hope Downs 4 dewatering project, supply of mine slurry pipeline and spool package to Roy Hill project and supply of steel piling for Fremantle Rail Bridge upgrade.

Project Details 

Completed Projects

Nammuldi Below Water Table (NBWT)

Rio Tinto extended the life of Nammuldi, which includes mining below the water table - a process that requires lowering the water table. The works comprised a 25Mtpa wet ore  processing facility.

BHP Whaleback Mine Site

The Works comprise installation of polyethylene (PE) tanks, electric centrifugal pumps, polyethylene pipe and pipe fittings and valving for the upgraded Whaleback Pit to ARD transfer system. The works also include the supply and install of stainless steel pipe and fittings.

The Works under the Contract will be completed under a supply and installation arrangement and will include the construction, fit-out, site installation, testing and commissioning of the Works

Hope Downs 4 dewatering project

The Works comprise the design, construction and commission of the Hope Downs 4 (HD4) dewatering discharge pipeline, which shall be capable of delivering a design flow rate of 80ML/day from the HD4 Mine Site raw water pond to Kalgan Creek, approximately 21 km to the east. project.

Cape Lambert Port B

The works included the fabrication, supply, delivery to site and installation of buried piping services, including raw water, fire water, HV cable and communications conduit, common service trenches, process water pump station and other plant infrastructure associated with the project.

BHP Yandi Mine Site

The works comprised the manufacture, supply, installation, on-site management and commissioning of the W5 Dewatering System Project. As part of the project, five dewatering bores were equipped (comprising generators, remote fuel pods, borehole equipment and headworks trailer packages), as well as the installation of transfer pipelines and associated infrastructure. As part of the borehole infrastructure scope, all electrical, mechanical, control and communication work was completed in order to tie the system into existing dewatering / water supply infrastructure.

Roy  Hill

The works comprised the supply and installation of 15km HDPE lined carbon steel pipe. The pipe was fabricated and internally lined with HDPE in PIHA’s Kwinana workshop.The flanged sections were bolted together onsite and the pipeline was progressively tested in 5km lengths.

Newcrest Cadia Mine, NSW

The works comprised the supply and installation of 38kms of HDPE lined carbon steel pipe. HDPE liner was welded into continuous strings and subsequently installed into the carbon steel pipeline utilising the PIHA Roller Reduction process.  Upon successful HDPE Liner installation the flanged sections were bolted together and the pipelines were progressively tested in 5km lengths.

Fremantle Rail Bridge upgrade

The works comprised the supply of steel piling.