PIHA - Capability


Pipeline Engineering and Construction

PIHA specialises in the construction of pipeline systems. PIHA’s pipeline construction experience includes HDPE, carbon steel (including high pressure gas), HDPE lined steel, DICL, MSCL, and uPVC. PIHA offers a complete service and PIHA’s in-house capabilities include:

  • Construction
  • Project management
  • Earthworks and civil
  • Pipe and fitting supply
  • Welding up to 2.0m


Water Supply Pipe Systems – The increased usage of polyethylene pipe by relevant authorities for the supply of potable water has placed PIHA at the forefront of the technology. PIHA owns and operates the largest fleet of polyethylene welding machines in Australia.

Slurry Pipe Systems – PIHA is Australia’s foremost expert on tailings and slurry pipelines. PIHA has developed new and innovative designs that have subsequently become industry standards.

Process Pipe Work – PIHA’s exceptional fabrication facility produces complex process pipe work, allowing PIHA’s experienced installation crew to reduce installation times for the overall system.

Ocean Outfall Pipelines – PIHA is the leader in design and installation of ocean outfall pipelines for the processing, aquaculture treatment industries. PIHA has the expertise required to take your project from the early design stage through to commissioning.

High Pressure Gas – PIHA is in the unique position of being able to undertake all of the stages of pipeline construction for this industry. As Australia’s foremost PE fittings manufacturer, PIHA can supply the complete range of CSM fittings.

PIHA Water Services

PIHA is a leader in the area of water services such as borefield and dewatering system design, engineering and construction from simple 110mm pipelines to complex, interconnecting borefield piping systems requiring mainline pipe sizes up to 2,000mm in diameter.

PIHA’s capabilities include:

  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Bore testing
  • Scheme management
  • Submersible pump installation
  • Headworks skids and trailers
  • Mining pumps and dewatering pumps
  • Telemetry controlled diesel engines or electric powered
  • Custom pontoons
  • Flow meters and in pit risers
  • Switchboards and cabling

PIHA’s ‘Tight Fit’ HDPE Lined Steel

A HDPE lined steel pipe has the performance advantages of HDPE with the strength of steel. PIHA’s system can be used to protect new steel pipelines from abrasion and corrosion or for the rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

PIHA has refined the process of lining steel pipelines with polyethylene pipe to the point where almost any diameter of pipe can be lined in the workshop or onsite. Using PIHA’s innovative process, pipes with internal diameter between 25mm and 1200mm can be lined to maximum section lengths of 1300 metres, depending on the terrain, diameter, condition of the steel and bends.

The liner provides the existing pipe with greater strength and protection by closing off the steel pipe from the flow stream. The interior walls of the polyethylene liner are also smoother than those of steel, resulting in superior fluid flow due to a reduction in resistance and friction. Polyethylene pipe adapts well to high or low temperatures while continuing to be flexible and tough; and it remains unchanged by a variety of chemicals. All these properties make PIHA lined pipes ideal for carrying corrosive and abrasive products.

Polyethylene Fittings and Components

PIHA’s professional team work diligently to ensure the highest standards of polyethylene pipe fittings are manufactured. At their disposal are a selection of fittings ranging in size from 20mm to 1600mm, including but not limited to:

  • Sweep bends
  • Stub flanges
  • Shouldered ends
  • Reducers
  • Tee pieces
  • Mitred bends
  • Junctions and Y Pieces

PIHA can supply a full range of compression and electrofusion fittings, galvanised backing rings, gaskets, shouldered and hugger couplings, moulded fittings and other required products. PIHA’s highly experienced workshop staff can also fabricate speciality items to meet clients’ individual design requirements including manifolds, header systems, launders, floats, tanks and liners.

PIHA also offers design for the manufacture, supply and installation of a variety of fittings for use in the telecommunications, electrical and fibre optics fields.

Rock Trenching and Terrain Levelling

PIHA provides comprehensive rock trenching, underground utility trenching and terrain levelling suitable for a wide variety of applications including water lines, sewer lines, electrical, fibre optic cables, oil and gas lines, as well as many types of mining and construction projects.

PIHA has a variety of machine sizes and attachments (including various trench widths) to efficiently meet all of its diverse client needs in a time effective and cost efficient manner.

Rock trenching allows for a clean trench, which reduces the time required to place a product by eliminating clean up. It also provides the necessary versatility when working in close proximity to most utilities and roadways.

The terrain leveller is a great way to excavate rocky areas in preparation for civil purposes or as a finale for mining purposes. Through its unique and accurate GPS tracking device, areas that would traditionally require ripping, blasting, excavating or removal can be completed in less time, with less people and with less impact on the surrounding environment.

PIHA has worked on some of the toughest projects in the industry, achieving precise depths and widths across large expanses, at a high productivity rate and in a diversity of environments.

Underground Cable Installation

PIHA has installed in excess of 2,000km of underground electricity transmission and fibre optic cable for clients in Australia and overseas.

PIHA can overcome complex design issues while ensuring safe cable handling. It has an extensive range of plant and equipment, as well as a team of specialised personnel.

PIHA has developed world class equipment that allows cables to be installed in a single pass operation utilising machinery that enables the trench excavation, screening, cable laying, backfill and cable slab installation to occur in one continuous pass.

Vent Master®

Vent Master® has over 10 years’ experience in the provision of air/gas management in pipelines across the Australian industry and resources sectors. Based in West Australia, Vent Master® manufactures a range of air release valves fit for purpose across the mining and water industry. The Vent Master® valve range is now widely used by the coal seam gas industry, mining and utilities sectors across Australia and has an excellent reputation for after sales service and technical support.

The Vent Master® valve range is an accomplished range, consisting of three basic models and many variants. The range was designed to be easily serviced, light weight, corrosive resistant, reduce maintenance costs and remain cost effective. These valves are outlined below:

  • Vent Master VM – Potable Water Application: The ARVB valve is compact, lightweight and used in large numbers along a pipeline to manage the air in pipelines. This model is a cost effective solution to the mining industry.
  • Vent Master HR – CSG (Coal Seam Gas) Application: This valve was designed resolve a specific operating issue for the Australian CSG industry. Liquid natural gas CSG fields contained associated water with high levels of dissolved methane. This methane required venting through high point vents to increase both water pumping efficiencies and gas well head extraction rates.
  • Vent Master PX – Waste Water, Sewage and Potable Water: The Vent Master PX manages air in pipelines. It is compact and handles both sewerage and drinking water, designed so that one valve can be used for all applications. This leads to standardisation of maintenance spares and reduced inventory holdings.

Plant & Equipment Hire

PIHA has an extensive range of the latest plant and equipment for hire at flexible rates that can be mobilised to any location. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Trenching and excavation equipment
  • Front end loaders
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Pipe and cable laying equipment
  • Hydrotest units
  • Transport and lifting equipment
  • Light vehicles
  • Support units
  • Butt welding equipment up to 2000mm
  • Pipe lining equipment
  • Power generation units


Steelpile has the proven capability to locally manufacture spiral welded steel piles to Australian Standards, built on 10 years’ experience of providing innovative piling solutions to the Australian market. From the manufacturing facility in Kwinana, West Australia, Steelpile can manufacture piling to a range of diameters and exact lengths and is ideally located to access road, rail and marine transport corridors depending on project requirements.

Supplementing Steelpile’s local manufacturing is a comprehensive import offering, built on the strength of the relationships Steelpile has established over the preceding decade along with the opportunities presented from being part of Mineral Resources Limited.

Steelpile occupies a unique position in the Australian piling market that ensures a comprehensive, end to end solution for your piling needs.