CSI Operations


Provider of specialised contract crushing and mining services

CSI Operations provides a range of specialised contract mining, crushing, screening, beneficiation and materials handling services to the mining and resources sectors. CSI Operations has proven experience with bulk and other commodities including gold, copper, iron ore, manganese, lithium and tantalum. CSI Operations operates under a variety of commercial models, but specialises in the BOO contract model.

CSI Operations has established a strong reputation as a provider of unique, purpose built, high quality products and services tailored specifically to the needs of each client. In addition to being the industry leader in the operation of fit for purpose, contract crushing, screening and beneficiation solutions, CSI Operations is also widely recognised for its superior materials handling expertise and has developed an enviable reputation for operating high quality and low cost overland conveying and haulage solutions for the transport of mined, crushed and processed product.

CSI Operations’ focus, proven experience and expertise and its high degree of specialisation provide an economical and highly value adding alternative to crushing and processing operations conducted in-house by clients.

The success of CSI Operations’ business model is reflected in its customer base, which consists of the major blue-chip mining companies that traditionally would undertake such operations themselves.