Mesa Minerals


Emerging manganese producer, world leader and processing solution provider.

Mesa Minerals Limited (Mesa) is an emerging manganese producer and leader in manganese technology solutions for the manganese mining industry.

Mesa holds the Sunday Hill and Ant Hill tenements within the Pilbara region, which contain a proven resource of medium grade ferruginous ores available for the establishment of a manganese ore export operation. 

Mesa is also a world leader in hydrometallurgical process technology designed to facilitate the production of high value manganese products from low grade manganese dioxide ores and from wastes containing manganese.

Mesa has developed a suite of proprietary technologies that can be used to produce a variety of high value manganese products, in an economically competitive and environmentally sound manner. Examples of such manganese products, which are in demand by the agrichemical, industrial chemical, battery and metallurgical industries, include:

  • High tenor and purity manganese sulphate solutions
  • Manganese sulphate granules and powers of all grades and sizings
  • Tailored micronutrient fertiliser granules and powders
  • High purity 'alkaline battery grade' Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
  • High purity 'lithium-ion battery grade' Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
  • Electrolytic Manganese Metal

Mesa has before it the challenge to commercialise its technologies to meet the demands of today’s world for products that can truly claim to be ‘green’ in their production, use and ultimate disposal.