The Carina Iron Ore project developed rapidly from approval and construction in February 2011, to mining in late September 2011 and first export of product in November 2011.

Located 100km north east of Southern Cross, in the Yilgarn region of Western Australia, the Carina Iron Ore project’s current production rate is 5.4Mt of iron ore per year. Ore from the project is transported by road and then rail to the Kwinana Bulk Terminal in the Port of Fremantle, where it is exported to Asian steel markets.

The Yilgarn tenements are all in close proximity to an established rail link to both the Port of Fremantle and the Esperance Port. This not only reduced the initial capital costs required for mine to port infrastructure but also enables a relatively short development timetable.

The Carina Iron Ore and J4 project are just otwo of several confirmed iron ore deposits within MRL Mining's tenement holdings in the Yilgarn region. Subject to approvals, the Company plans to develop other satellite ore bodies at J5 and Bungalbin East.