MRL’s bulk road transport has entered a new era in safety and productivity with the development of the  ‘Superquad’.

Whilst the new Superquad may only boast subtle configuration differences, such as four “B” trailers rather than the traditional three “B” trailer and single “A” configuration, it is the material difference in safety and payload that make the new configuration a stand out value add solution for the business and Western Australian road users.

Working closely with the WA Department of Main Roads, MRL has successfully and safely upped the ante in bulk ore, road haulage.

The traditional configuration is 54 metres in length whereas the new MRL designed Superquad is 60 metres. The creation of the Superquad has facilitated a payload increase from 108 tonnes to 138 tonnes.

Further, the Superquad provides a more controllable trailing load configuration and remote management as a result of:

  • Trailer coupling design changes
  • Electronic brake system
  • Mechanically speed limited to 90km/hr
  • Onboard camera system
  • Satellite tracking monitoring speed and fatigue

As such, the Superquad innovation not only provides an increased payload but increases the safety of operating these large vehicles on Western Australian roads.

Following a successful trial approved by Main Roads, MRL will now begin to progressively implement Superquads to drive further cost reductions in the transport of bulk commodities between mine and port.