Composite Mining Products


MRL, through its subsidiary MIS.Carbonart Pty Ltd (MIS.Carbonart), has established a carbon fibre manufacturing facility with the core focus of manufacturing structural components for mining and mining construction applications.

Much the same way as a steel mill makes steel beams, pipes and plates, MIS.Carbonart manufactures structural components from carbon fibre composites using automated robotic technology.

The weight saving, wear and corrosion advantages achieved by using composites over traditional steel based materials are significant, and these combine to result in material cost savings for the applications to which the composites are employed.

MIS.Carbonart’s first manufactured product line is mining truck trays utilising carbon fibre, with design development complete and first production now underway. The weight savings from using carbon fibre in lieu of steel result in a material increase in payload ability, which in turn produces considerable operational cost savings.

Once the mining truck tray project is complete and into commercial production, MIS.Carbonart will expand and commercialise a range of mining products from its carbon fibre operation.